Local Government Elections in Rajasthan: “Let the grassroots breathe”

January 11, 2019 | Mathew Idiculla

Centre for Law and Policy Research Consultant Mathew Idiculla writes on local government elections in Rajasthan for The Hindu. He discusses the minimum educational qualification criteria in Rajasthan’s local body polls.

Maharashtra has boldly expanded NOTA, with Haryana following suit. Will it pass legal scrutiny?

November 26, 2018 | Mathew Idiculla

The State Election Commissions of Maharashtra and Haryana recently ruled that if the NOTA option receives the…

City Plights: Indian states’ tight leash on urban governance

November 15, 2018

Mathew Idicualla writes an essay in The Caravan on urban governance issues in India.

Castles in the air

October 16, 2018 | Mathew Idiculla

Last week, Paul Romer (along with William Nordhaus) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on “endogenous growth theory”. Interestingly, Romer has also been championing the creation of Charter Cities – new cities with distinct laws that seek to attract investment and economic growth. In this op-ed, Mathew Idiculla critically examine the motivations and the realities of such an idea in the Indian context.


End of ‘face value’ in senior designation, towards transparency in legal elevation

November 25, 2018

The Karnataka High Court example amply demonstrates that the new process of senior designation gives confidence to the young lawyers without ‘connections’ in the legal profession. It gives them hope that if they are deserving, no one can take away their opportunity to be one day considered for the senior designation. Conferral of this distinction has been duly democratised

Noted women rights and child rights lawyer Jayna Kothari — who has worked with Jaising in the past — has also been designated as a senior advocate.

Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group

Rethinking Urbanization and Right to the City

October 2, 2018

Mathew Idiculla was invited to speak at the “Rethinking Urbanization and Right to the City” Conference which was held on October 2nd, 2018 in the context of the World Habitat Day . “In the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji, it is only fitting that we talk about local self government, decentralization of governance”, he added while speaking on the 74th Amendment to the Constitution of India, 2018.

New Indian Express

Legal Aid? What’s that, ask prisoners

July 27, 2017

In our research, we have designed a qualitative study of court observations over a period of 45 days in lower criminal courts chosen randomly in three districts in Karnataka i.e. Bengaluru, Dharwad, and Tumakuru.

Forthcoming empirical study on Reducing Under Trial Detention in India

May 30, 2018

The ballooning under-trial population in India is widely acknowledged to be a serious challenge to the effectiveness and legitimacy of India’s criminal justice system. So far academic, policy and civil society work on this problem has focused on analysing the under-trial prison population after they are detained. In this study we engage with the problem at an earlier stage in the criminal justice process, i.e., the bail decision in the law courts.