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September 7, 2021 | Ritambhara Singh


The Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making the Constitution work for everyone through law and policy research, social and governance interventions, and strategic impact litigation.


Commemorating India’s 75th Independence Day, Jayna Kothari, Executive Director, CLPR spoke to Carnatic singer and social activist, T.M. Krishna. In this video, he talked about his journey as a Constitution Defender and what the Constitution of India means to him. Mr. Krishna spoke about his work addressing caste and feudal hierarchies in the Carnatic music industry and the use of art as a medium to bring about social transformation. 

To mark independence day, the team launched an animated video – The Making of India’s Constitution – which provides a succinct and engaging history of the Constitution. The video aims to create public awareness and enable active public engagement with India’s constitutional traditions. 
Thangjam Santa Singh v. State of Manipur; & Ors
Santa Khurai, a prominent transgender rights activist, filed a PIL in the High Court of Manipur, seeking various relief measures in matters associated with the management of COVID-19 pandemic by the State government of Manipur. This petition highlights issues such as denial of the right to education to children in government and aided schools, priority being given to vaccinated people to open shops, denial of food grains to unvaccinated persons, and inaccessibility of State’s Livelihood Support Scheme by marginalised groups such as transgender persons. Read the PIL here

Preamble T-Shirt

August was a rather vibrant month for To mark our Independence Day month, we produced a range of content and organised various activities. First, we ran a two-week campaign leading up to Independence Day in which eminent media and civil society individuals pledged to be a #ConstitutionDefender whilst wearing our new T-Shirt that boasts a beautiful illustration of the Preamble of India’s Constitution. Second, we started a new 4-part video series that traces the origins and evolution of our Preamble.


In August, our blog posts discussed LGBTQIA+ needs, horizontal reservation and artificial intelligence. The first blog argued that Indian courts should be sensitised about the needs of people belonging to LGBTQIA+ community. The second elaborated on the recent order by the Karnataka Government that provides 1% horizontal reservation to transgender persons.The third discussed the impact of artificial intelligence on judicial decision-making. 


In this article published by The Wire, Ritambhara Singh and Mihir Rajamane highlight the obligations of the State towards ensuring continued education for children during the pandemic. The article argues that the right to education is non-negotiable and that prolonged closure of schools cannot be justified against considerations of public health. Read More

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