Dec 2020

Workshop on ‘The Philosophy and Law of Information Regulation in India’ | December 11 and 12, 2020

Time 10 AM - 3.00 PM

Venue Virtual

The Centre for Law and Policy Research is organising an online workshop on The Philosophy and Law of Information Regulation in India, on December 11 and 12, 2020.

The workshop brings together scholars across the disciplines of law, media studies, science and technology studies and socio-cultural studies to reflect on the history, philosophy, and practice of information governance in India. In a context where information and information technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are profoundly influencing society, this workshop is an attempt to link emerging research on the history, law, governance and social studies of Information Systems.

The workshop will be a place to critically reflect on the emergent information society in India, and forge new pathways and collaborations for research, scholarship and practice which can inform the law and regulation of information in India, with specific reference to the institutions of public law in India.

To ensure meaningful discussion, the workshop is open to a limited number of participants to attend. To register, please email divij.joshi@clpr.org.in, with your name, affiliation, and one line on your interest in attending this workshop.

The schedule for the workshop is listed below.

December 11, 2020 [Friday]

[Panel 1] Information Infrastructures in India (1045 – 1205 IST)

Nishtha Bharti and Naveen Thayyil‘Ignorance By Design: Health Data Architecture, Artificial Intelligence And The Flailing Health System In India’

Shivangi NarayanGuilty Until Proven Guilty’

Discussants – Amba Kak, Noopur Raval, Radhika Radhakrishnan

[Panel 2] Information Flows and Regulatory Governance (1235 – 1425 IST)

Arindrajit Basu‘India and the geo-politics of cross-border data flows’

Gunjan Chawla – ‘The Political Economics India’s Information Security Doctrine: An Empirical Assessment of Leaks and Disclosures in Cyber Security Policy’

Vibodh Parthasarathi – ‘Illusions of information and Evidence-based policy research: Some aspects of ‘Enumerative Accountability’

Discussants – Siddharth Narrain, Latha Reddy, Prashant Reddy

December 12, 2020 [Saturday]

 [Panel 1] Privacy and Information Regulation in India (1045 – 1205 IST)

Nga Than, Ameen Jauhar and Abhishek Gupta – ‘The Privacy Conundrum: An empirical examination of barriers to privacy among Indian social media users’

Sudhir Krishnaswamy – ‘The Constitutional Right to Privacy in India’

Discussants – Gurshabad Grover, TBD

[Panel 2] Institutional Approaches to Information Regulation in India (1235 – 15.00 IST)

Smriti Parsheera, Vishal Trehan and Trishee Goyal – Market structure and competition in telecom services: Exploring the Jio effect’

Allison Fish and Brad Sherman‘Monitoring Compliance with Nagoya in India: Crafting a techno-legal infrastructure for the regulation of South Asian ethnobotanical knowledge’

Jayna Kothari – ‘Algorithmic Classification, Discrimination and Fairness’

Divij Joshi and Kruthika R – ‘Automated Administration: Administrative Law and Algorithmic Decision-Making in India’

Discussants Srijoni Sen, Rahul Singh, TBD

Time 10 AM - 3.00 PM

Venue Virtual