NCS Convention 2018 | Where are the Shudras? (Reading 1)

November 12, 2018 | Jai Brunner

Student Delegates for the National Constitution Society (NCS) Convention 2018 will engage in a series of online discussions prior to the Convention on 23rd November.

The first discussion will be in response to:

Kancha Illaiah Shepherd ‘ ‘Where are the Shudras?’ The Caravan, October 2018.



Kancha Illaiah Shepherd argues that the Shudras have failed to produce intellectual leaders to espouse their interests like Ambedkar and Gandhi did for the Dalits and Banias respectively.

In order to overcome the socio-economic and caste-based oppression they face today he argues that the “…[Shudras] will have to produce a massive amount of alternative thought and literature that can displace the current paradigm”.


Twitter Question:

Did any members of the Constituent Assembly represent Shudra interests?

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Facebook Question:

How has the Shudra’s representation (or lack thereof) in the Constituent Assembly Debates affected their current status in contemporary society?

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