NCS Convention 2018 | Selected Student Delegates

November 12, 2018 | Jai Brunner

Thank you to all those who applied to participate as Student Delegates at the National Constitution Society (NCS) Convention 2018.

We received more than 125 applications from across the country. After a rigorous screening process we are glad to announce that we have picked the following 31 students to be part of the Convention:

Name University
Bhagyashree Bagchi Bethune College, University of Calcutta; Kolkata
Mozammil Ahmad Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi; New Delhi
Muhammad Mahatab CNLU; Patna
Wardah Beg Faculty of Law Aligarh Muslim University; Aligarh
Anoushka Shetty Government Law College; Mumbai
Saurabh Modi Government Law College; Mumbai
Prasanna Aditya A Hindu College, University of Delhi; New Delhi
Alina Anna Kose His Highness Maharajas Government Law College; Ernakulam
Ravi Viwshwakarma IISER-Kolkata; Kalyani
Akshat Bansal Indian Institute of Technology Bombay; Mumbai
Amisha Pareek Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi; New Delhi
Harshit Jain Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi; New Delhi
Rithvik Mathur NALSAR University of Law; Hyderabad
Akash Kumar National Institute of Technology; Jamshedpur
Ishit Patel NLSIU; Bengaluru
Prannv Dhawan NLSIU; Bengaluru
Revathi Tushara Tapila NLU; Odisha
Harshita Tripathi NUJS; Kolkata
Amatya Agarwal PES University; Bangalore
Soham Das Presidency University; Kolkata
AnaghaS Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies; Bengaluru
Amith LM School of Law, Christ University; Bengaluru
Anushka Madhukar St. Joseph’s College; Bengaluru
Nikhita Thomas St. Joseph’s College of Commerce; Bengaluru
Zohaib K. St. Joseph’s College of Law; Bengaluru
Priyamvad Rai Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce; Pune
Nikhil Reddy Kothakota Symbiosis Law School; Hyderabad
Rikit Shahi Symbiosis Law School; Hyderabad
Arvind Kavattur Tamil Nadu National Law University; Tirucirapalli
Shradha Pandey Tamil Nadu National Law University; Tirucirapalli
Gunjan Rathore University Law College; Bengaluru

Quantitative overview of applications

We are pleased to say we received a total of 124 applications, despite the packed examinations schedule in November. We accepted 32 applicants, making the acceptance rate for this year’s NCS Convention 25.81%.



47 applicants were female, meaning that 38% of our applicants were female. By comparison, 44% of our selected applicants are female.



Types of degrees

As expected, a majority of our applicants study law. 93 of our 124 applicants are pursuing law related degrees, such as BA LLBs, BBA LLBs and BLS LLBs.




We received a large number of applications from undergraduates studying in Bangalore. 25% of our applicants hailed from Bangalore. By comparison, we received the same number of applicants from Mumbai and New Delhi combined. 25.82% of our applicants hailed from either Mumbai or New Delhi. In the future, we hope to see more applications from outside Bangalore.



A majority of applicants hailed from the South and the North. 40% of applicants stemmed from the South and 28% of applicants stemmed from the North.

NCS Student Delegates – Applicants by Region

Note that we grouped the Centre with the West and the Northeast with the East.



Video Submission

Only 24 of our applicants submitted the optional video. In general, it appears that students who submitted videos had stronger applications overall. 19.35% of all applicants submitted videos. This percentage increased to 25.00% for selected applicants.

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