Last week at CLPR – 30th April to 5th May 2018

May 9, 2018 | Kruthika R

Last week at CLPR – 30th April to 5th May 2018


In association with Alternative Law ForumAmnesty India, CIEDS Collective, Enfold IndiaHidden PocketsPUCL, Prochild Coalition, Campaign Against Death Penalty for Child Rape and SICHREM, CLPR organised a town hall meeting on 5th May 2018 at the Jain University Auditorium to discuss the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance 2018.


  • On Day 36 of the Aadhaar Act case, K.K. Vengupal argued that Aadhaar Bill was correctly passed as a Money Bill. He also clarified that the Union would follow the Supreme Court’s directions in not mandating the linking of Aadhaar card and SIM card. Mr. Shyam Divan resorted to a UIDAI technical paper to explain the extent of surveillance which the Aadhaar Programme is capable of.
  • The Supreme Court of India in April 2018 delivered significant judgments and held hearings on other matters.
  • Two ‘Court by Numbers’ were put up on the website:
  1. In 2017, the Supreme Court struck down a statute or a part of a statute as being unconstitutional in 5 cases.
  2. 57 is the total number of reported Review Petitions in the Supreme Court since its inception. The review petition filed by Centre and States in Kashinath Mahajan v Maharashtra will be 58th Review Petition decision by the Supreme Court.
  • We highlighted 2 opinion pieces under the ‘Beyond the Court’ section.
  1. Anup Surendranth, Aparna Chandra, Suchindran Baskar Naryan write on the Centre-Collegium controversy in a piece titled – Ball’s in Supreme Court.
  2. Rohan Venkaramakrishnan of the Scroll writes on the Centre’s flip-flop on the Aadhaar-SIM linking issue.


  • Assembly Member of the Week: R.K. Shanmukhan Chetty was a Constituent Assembly member from the Madras constituency. He was independent India’s first Finance Minister and remembered for delivering the budget speech on 26thNovember 1947.

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