Last week at CLPR – 22nd to 23rd April 2018

May 2, 2018 | Kruthika R


  • CLPR participates in the Strategic Multi-Actor Round Table 2018 in Chennai On 23rd April 2018 to discuss issues related to strengthening the implementation of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 (“Act”) and Rules in Tamil Nadu.


  • On Day 32 and Day 33 of Constitutionality of Aadhar Act case, Mr. Rakesh Dwivedi based his arguments by focusing on the differing expectations of privacy in the private and public spheres. He concluded his arguments by reiterating that Aadhaar is not necessary – and more so, incapable – of enabling surveillance.
  • Gopal Sankaranaryanan, representing the Centre for Civil Society, argued on Day 34 of Constitutionality of Aadhar Case, by saying that Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act violates the right to self-identify, by forcing people to use Aadhaar to avail subsidies.


  • Vineeth Krishna E writes for ThePrint on Ambedkar’s scepticism about constitutional democracy working in India. He engages with the political context that surrounded the Hindu Code Bill which he argues was the primary cause behind Ambedkar’s disenchantment.
  • Article 124(4) and (5)of the Constitution that lay down the procedure to remove a Supreme Court Judge. In Impeaching a Supreme Court Judge: The Debate in the Constituent Assembly Vineeth Krishna briefly engages with the manner in which the Constituent Assembly debated these provisions.
  • Did you know: B. N. Rau and Shiva Rao played a important role in Indian constitution making; however, this was not the only thing common between them.
  • Assembly Member of the Week: Ramnath Goenka was a Constituent Assembly member from Madras on a Congress party ticket. Goenka is most popularly known for setting up Índian Express’.

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