The Intersection of Disability and Caste

July 20, 2020 | Jayna Kothari | Almas Shaikh | Aj Agrawal

In continuing with our work on Intersectionality, this Paper considers the need to address an often-excluded group at the intersection of caste and disability. It argues that the relationship between caste and disability is not only pronounced but results in aggravated forms of discrimination. Further empirical analysis of existing data and the legal frameworks show that the dismissal of the caste dimensions of disability and vice-versa results in exceptional barriers in the fulfillment of human rights and access to justice. It recommends empirical research and data collection to understand the depth of the socio-economic deprivation faced by Dalits/Adivasi persons with disabilities, the need for an intersectional approach in policy and welfare schemes, the need for Anti-discrimination law, and also for social movements to work together for the overall welfare of marginalized sections of the society.


A Screen-reader friendly version of the caste and disability policy paper is available here.


Jayna Kothari, Almas Shaikh, Aj Agrawal, 'The Intersection of Disability and Caste' (CLPR, Bangalore, 2020, 20 Jul 2020) <> accessed on 25 Apr 2024