The Intersection of Disability and Caste

This Policy paper explores the importance of the intersections of disability and caste. The authors argue that to address the fulfillment of basic social rights of employment, education, housing & health for the most vulnerable, there is need to look at people from inter sectional perspective. The Policy paper also recommends empirical research and data collection to understand depth of the socio-economic deprivation faced by Dalits/Adivasi persons with disabilities, need of inter sectional approach in policy and welfare schemes, need of Anti-discrimination law and also for social movements to work together for overall welfare of marginalized sections of the society.


Screen-reader friendly version of the caste and disability policy paper is available here.


Jayna Kothari, Almas Shaikh, Aj Agrawal, 'The Intersection of Disability and Caste' (CLPR, Bangalore, 2020, 20 Jul 2020) <> accessed on 11 Apr 2021