Vyjayanti Vasanta Mogli


Vyjayanti is a transwoman and a Right to Information (RTI) activist precipitating Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India to advance LGBTI+ rights.  She has volunteered earlier with the Centre for Law & Policy Research.


Queering COVID-19

June 18, 2021

Unlike many other Indians, LGBTIQ+ Indians don’t yet have equal rights.  They, in reality, are still sub-legal citizens.  This reflects abundantly in our laws spanning across anti-discrimination, education, sexual crimes and harassment, civil and criminal law, healthcare, housing, the labour code, and much more.  Our laws exclude LGBTIQ+ communities and that leaves a huge legislative vacuum.  Despite NALSA and Navtej judgments and the contentious Transgender Rights Act, many states remain non-starters. 

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