Last Week at CLPR: 3rd Dec – 9th Dec

December 11, 2017

Last Week at CLPR we continued with our daily reporting on the constitutionally relevant cases being heard by the Supreme Court (SCObserver). We also highlighted the relevance of a Constituent Assembly Debate that took place in the 1st week of December, and the far-reaching influence of a Constituent Assembly Member who participated in that debate (CADIndia).




On 3rd Dec 1884, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was born in Bihar. In our “Assembly Member of the Week” post we trace the personal and political relationships of one of the most well-known figures in Indian politics.


Exactly 64 years after the birth of Dr.Rajendra Prasad, the Constituent Assembly debated Draft Article 17 which called for criminalization forced labour and allowing the State to demand compulsory labour from its citizens as long as it did not discriminate on the basis of caste, religion, etc .




On Monday [04.12.2017] the Supreme Court:

  • Enquired about the status of the Rohingya Deportations and on being told that that the pace had slowed down, listed the case for 31.01.2018.
  • Refused Mr.Kapil Sibal’s request to postpone the hearing of the Babri Masjid – Ram Mandir case to after the 2018 Elections. The next hearing is scheduled for 08.02.2018.