Last Week at CLPR: 30th Dec 2017 – 6th Jan 2018

January 8, 2018

In the first week of 2018 CLPR previewed the Supreme Court calendar, drew attention to Jaipal Singh Munda and to the debate that decided the structure of the Indian Parliament.




3rd January 1949: The debate on how the Parliament would be structured and what it would be called. Proposals included creating a single tier Parliament and calling it the “Indian National Congress”.


3rd January 1903: The life of Jaipal Singh Munda – an Oxford graduate, an Olympian and a vociferous advocate for preservation of tribal culture and the protection of tribal rights. He proposed the creation of the state of Jharkhand in the 1930’s.




In the upcoming spring session (04 Jan 2018 – 19 May 2018) the Supreme Court is to hand down judgments for 4 of the 18 cases tracked in 2017 – Special Status of DelhiEuthanasia and Living Wills [Common Cause v UoI], and Kalpana Mehta v UoI. And will continue to hear arguments in 9 others – Cow VigilantismHadiya MarriageRohingyas DeportationAadhaar Act,  WhatsApp PrivacyAssam AccordBabri Masjid-Ram MandirParsi IdentityAzam Khan [Restriction on Freedom of Speech].


Read the Plain English reports of the judgements passed for the 5 remaining tracked cases of 2017 –  Fundamental Right to Privacy, Re-promulgation of Ordinances, Gujarat Shrine Restoration, Electoral Appeals, Triple Talaq and Child Marriage and Marital Rape [Section 375 of the IPS] on the SCObserver website.