Last Week at CLPR: 26th Nov – 02nd Dec 2017

December 4, 2017

In the last week at CLPR the CADIndia team, who curate and maintain the Constituent Assembly Debates website ( focused on Nov 26th:  India’s National Law Day/Constitution Day.




Leading up to National Law/Constitution Day, we studied the commemoration of this day in other parts of the globe – focusing on the United States, Japan and Norway.


A summary of the origins, history and evolution of India’s National/Constitution day.


We revisit the debate that took place on 26th Nov 1949 in the Constituent Assembly, the day India adopted the Constitution.


This week’s Assembly Member of the Week post was on Dr. B Pattabhi Sitaramayya who Chairman of Committee of Chief Commissioners’ Provinces which was recommended the legislative and administrative setup for Delhi.




On 27.11.2017, Day 6 of the Hadiya Marriage case, Ms.Hadiya testified in court. She expressed the wish to continue her studies and in response the Court directed that she go back to Salem under the guardianship of the Dean of the University.


On 28.11.2017, Day 11 of the Special Status of Delhi case. ASG Maninder Singh argued that the NCT had the same powers as the other Union Territories.


On 29.11.2017, Day 12 of the Special Status of Delhi case ASG Maninder Singh focused on identifying constitutional sources for his argument that made the President the ultimate authority over the NCT of Delhi.


On 30.11.2017, Day 13 in the Special Status of Delhi case ASG Maninder Singh continued his arguments and highlighted instances when the Govt of Delhi had excluded the LG of Delhi from daily governance of the NCT.


Supreme Court Observer has published the summary of the arguments heard in 2 tracked cases that have been reserved for judgment during winter session 2017 – Euthanasia, Living Wills and Right to Die and  Judicial Relevance of Parliamentary Report