Last Week at CLPR: 19th Nov – 25th Nov 2017

November 27, 2017

Last week at CLPR saw an analysis on Gujarat Shrine Supreme Court verdict, reports on the Special Status of Delhi case and posts on Constitution Making.




Satya Prasoon examines the Supreme Court’s verdict that the Gujarat Government did not have to pay compensation for the repair of religious buildings damaged in the Gujarat riots.




Sitaramayya was the Chairman of Committee of Chief Commissioners’ Provinces which recommended the administrative and legislative set up for Delhi (which became a Union Territory in 1956 and National Capital Territory in 1991).


On 25th November 1949, Dr.Ambedkar made a long speech in the Constituent Assembly in which he addressed various raised inside and outside of the Constituent Assembly on why the Indian Constitution was taking so long to draft.




On 21.11.2017, Day 8 of the Special Status of Delhi case Mr Shekhar Naphade argued that Article 239AA was a special law dealing with the NCT and could not be interpreted in light of Article 239 which gives wide powers to the President in administering Union Territories.


On 22.11.2017, Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh appearing for UoI argued that the President, through the Lt. Governor (LG), was the head of the government of National Capital Territory (NCT), and not the Chief Minister.


On 23.11.2017, ASG Maninder Singh continued his arguments, and stated that the 1991 Act had been drafted carefully to grant eventual control over the administration of the National Capital Territory to the Union.