Last Week at CLPR: 10th Dec – 16th Dec

December 18, 2017

Last week CLPR continued its efforts to create awareness of the Constitution – by introducing summaries that trace the evolution of the Articles in the Indian Constitution. Efforts to track the present-day interpretation of the Constitution continued with the publishing of the hearings in the Aadhar Act and Parsi Woman Excommunication [Parsi Identity] cases, heard by the Supreme Court in the last week of the 2017 Winter Session.




Dr.Sachidananda Sinha was nominated as the provisional chairman in the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly on 9.12.1946. He marked the occasion by reading aloud the messages received from the United States, China and Australia and proposing the nomination of Frank Anthony as the Deputy Speaker.


10th December 1878: The birthday of Rajagopalachari (popularly known as Rajaji), called the “keeper of my conscience” by Mahatma Gandhi, who for 30 yrs played an important role in Indian politics.


On 13th December 1948 the Constituent Assembly debated the manner by which the President of India should be elected.


CADIndia traces the evolution of the Articles in the Indian Constitution. This week we follow the discussions around Article 5– which establishes the basic requirements for Indian citizenship.




On 14.12.2017 the Supreme Court heard arguments for the postponement of the deadline for linking Aadhar card with various services, including bank accounts. The SC passed on order on 15.12.2017, extending the deadline to 31.03.2018.


On 14.12.2017 on Day 2 of the Parsi Woman Excommunication [Parsi Identity] case, the counsels for Parsi Trust presented a memorandum which stated that the petitioner could attend the funeral of, and perform customary last-rites for her parents in the Tower of Silence.


Ashwini Tallur and Satya Prasoon, associates at CLPR, provide social, political, judicial and religious context for the Parsi Woman Excommunication [Parsi Identity] case in The Wire.