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August 3, 2020 | Ritambhara Singh



The Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making the Constitution work for everyone through law and policy research, social and governance interventions and strategic impact litigation.

Exclusion Amplified: A report on how the pandemic has impacted the trans and intersex community in India


CLPR has published this report titled “Exclusion Amplified – A Report on Covid-19 & the Transgender Community”. This Report details the impact of the Covid-19 lock down on the transgender community and the consequent deprivation of their rights to livelihood, healthcare, food security and housing among others. It highlights the experiences of trans and intersex persons in the amplification of their specific vulnerabilities and  the exclusion of trans persons in the policies & schemes framed by the government during the pandemic. 

The report makes various recommendations for the protection of the rights of the transgender community, including suggestions of providing rations without ration cards, monthly cash transfers, housing access, separate quarantine centers and health facilities among others.Read More. 

The Intersection of Disability and Caste


CLPR has released a Policy Paper titled “The Intersection of Caste & Disability”. In continuing with our work on Intersectionality, this Policy Paper considers the need to address an often-excluded group at the intersection of caste and disability. It argues that people at the intersection of caste and disability experience aggravated forms of discrimination in employment, education, housing, health and legal protection.


It recommends further empirical research to understand the depth of the socio-economic deprivation faced by Dalits/Adivasi persons with disabilities and the need for an inter-sectional approach in policy making. Read More

SC Observer Recent Updates 


Last month, SC Observer team spoke to Professor Tarunabh Khaitan on a range of contemporary issues concerning the Supreme Court of India.


In the first conversation, SCO team discussed the recent paper of Prof Khaitan on the court’s expanding Special Leave Petition (SLP) docket & how this is affecting its ability to perform its vital constitutional defense function. Listen here


In the second conversation, SCO team discussed various issues with Prof Khaitan ranging from Sabarimala review petitions, Court’s response to the on-going Covid crisis and the relation between academia and judiciary. Watch here

CAD India is now


CAD India website changed its name to to better reflect what they are now: a one-stop shop for everything related to the Constitution of India. Find out. team launched a new series Writings on the Indian Constitutionto encourage deeper engagement with the primary resources available on CAD India by identifying and critically analyzing secondary materials on the Indian Constitution. Read More.

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