CLPR’s 4-part PODCAST series on the Uniform Civil Code in India

November 15, 2017

The first part of the 4-part podcast series examines the constitutional history of the UCC drawing from the Constituent Assembly Debates, which have been curated and annotated in CLPR’s CADindia website. The second part traces the judicial trajectory of the UCC by analyzing multiple landmark verdicts from the Supreme Court. The third part outlines the 3 phases when the political debates on this topic were at their most intense.


Panel on “UCC in India: An Endeavor towards seeking Gender Justice” at IFIM Law College

October 30, 2017

IFIM Law College hosted panel discussions on Uniform Civil Code in India. Satya Prasoon, an associate at CLPR was a panelist at the IFIM law school where he presented a paper titled ‘Of Constitutional Mythos and Nervous Nationalism: The Pathologies of UCC.’ The discussion was spilt into two panels, the first discussing the topic: “Constitutional Perspectives of the Uniform Civil Code” and the second, “The conflict of the UCC and personal laws in India”.