Jayna Kothari on the Vikash Kumar Judgement

March 23, 2021


Supreme Court Advocate and co-founder of the Centre for Law and Policy Research(CLPR)  Jayna Kothari talks about the recent judgement of the Supreme Court in Vikash Kumar vs Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) & Ors. She shares how this judgement is important as it links the principles of equality and dignity and how it is important to ensure the equal worth and dignity of every individual. She reiterates the court’s point on ‘reasonable accommodation’ as an integral component of equality and non-discrimination. The court also highlighted that the State and the private parties have positive obligations to provide facilities to ensure the full participation of persons with disability.


Jayna Kothari is a Senior Advocate who practices in the Supreme Court of India. She is the co-founder of the Centre for Law and Policy Research in Bangalore. Jayna had argued in the Supreme Court in the recent constitutional challenges to Section 377 and adultery, which were both decriminalized.



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