Oct 2019

Liberal Innovation Bootcamp: The Future of Storytelling

Time All day

Venue Hilton Embassy Golf Links, Bangalore

From 14th to 19th October, 2019, Friedrich Naumann Foundation along with CLPR is organising the Liberal Innovation Bootcamp: The future of Storytelling in Bengaluru.

Freedom means change.

Only if we change, we will find answers to tomorrow’s questions.

And the most liberal response to change is innovation.

Innovation enables individuals, systems and organizations to adapt to the waves of disruptive change brought by demographic and geopolitical shifts and by new and emerging technologies.

Liberals have a profound interest in knowing and utilizing these trends because we believe that progress is a positive thing, not something to be feared. We need to be avant-garde to check, assess and make these trends accessible for our stakeholders from a liberal perspective. This includes not only to think about what new technologies can offer us but also how they can be used to promote freedom digitally.

We believe that innovation must be linked to an important story, told in a compelling way. Innovators need the right vehicles to communicate with each other in order to tell their stories. Innovative organizations can use the art of creative story-telling to open up alternate possibilities and strategies that will stand up in any scenario.

Therefore, as the creative innovation platform for the social communication of freedom, empowering our partner organizations and ourselves with the latest communication skills becomes all the more indispensable.

The emergence of Extended Reality (XR) together with new social media platforms create brand new avenues for us to learn, experiment and communicate our liberal message to the world.

Thus, in an effort to lead from the front, the Regional Office South Asia in New Delhi will organize a four-day residential workshop aimed at empowering participants with skills based on the following objectives:

1. Participants are capable to produce content with innovative formats to promote liberal campaigns as compelling stories using a smartphone.

2. Participants learn the basics of strategic communications and know to plan a video project defining the (strategic) objective, developing the concept, writing the script and preparing the logistics for the production.

3. Participants learn everything they need to know about storytelling as a critical necessity for producing video content with a smart phone including basic knowledge about hard and software, lightning and audio, location etc.

4. Participants understand the specifics of three distinct platforms (Facebook Spaces, Instagram Live and IGTV) and know why and how to use each one to meet their objective.

5. Participants are in the position to use relevant apps/softwares for storytelling.

6. Participants discuss good practices regarding the marketing of their content and appreciate the relevance of a content marketing strategy.

Participants: 30 seats

1. RO’s partner organizations and network together with

POs in Islamabad, Dhaka and Colombo’s partner organizations and network

and participants from ROSEEA – Total 15 seats

2. FNF Global Communications staff members – 8 seats

3. Representative from K – 1 seat

4. Representative from GIHub and GT –2 seat

5. Moderators – 2 seats

6. Organizers from RO – 2 seats



Invitation letter to moderators: July 16, 2019

Hotel Booking: July 22, 2019

Call for Application/Launch: July 29, 2019

Deadline to apply: August 19, 2019

Short list and Invitation: August 21, 2019

Travel Booking: September 2, 2019

Dinners Venue Booking: October 7, 2019

Study tour program and logistics: October 10, 2019

Time All day

Venue Hilton Embassy Golf Links, Bangalore