Aug 2020

Exclusion Amplified: Meeting to Present Key Findings

Time 7:00 P M-8:00 PM

Venue Zoom (Online)


The Centre for Law and Policy Research invites you to a meeting to present the key findings of the recently published report titled “Exclusion Amplified – A Report on Covid-19 & the Transgender Community”.

It details the impact of the COVID-19 lock down on the transgender community and the consequent deprivation of livelihood, healthcare, food security and housing among others. It serves to highlight the experiences of trans persons in the amplification of their specific vulnerabilities and the exclusion of trans persons in disaster management policies as a violation of their human rights.

We invite you to attend this meeting and be part of this critical discussion.

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Meeting ID: 931 9281 8029

Youtube Live Channel: CLPR Trust

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Time 7:00 P M-8:00 PM

Venue Zoom (Online)