Results of Transform Essay Competition 2016

December 15, 2016



The Centre for Law and Policy Research is pleased to announce the winners of the Transform Essay Competition 2016:



Prerna Subramanian To Question Various Authenticities, Including Our Own: Striking at the Root of Prejudice against Transgender Identities’

Humanities and Social Sciences Department, IIT Gandhinagar


Second Place

Purvi Khanna and Job Michael Mathew ‘Testosterone as a Dividing Line: Examining Transgender Representation in Competitive Sports and the Indian Constitution’

NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad


Third Place

Jahnavi Visvanathan Taking Transgender Rights Seriously: Making Authentic Lives Possible’ 

NUJS, Kolkata


Honourable Mention

Jeydev CS ‘Constitutional Affirmations: The Novelty of the NALSA Legacy’ NLSIU, Bangalore

Rohan Ahluwalia and Swastika Raushni Trans-Gender Inequality: The Two Juxtapositions And Way To Redemption’ Damodarram Sanjvayya National Law University, Vishakapatnam