Last Week at CLPR: 28th Jan – 03rd Feb 2018

February 5, 2018

Last week at CLPR:




  • 2nd Feb 1902: Moturi Satyanarayana was born in Andhra Pradesh but was a vociferous and strong supporter of making Hindi the national language. In 2007 India instituted the Padmabhushan Moturi Satyanarayan Award to honour persons who promote Hindi literature abroad.


Supreme Court Observer:

  • Day 5 in the Aadhaar Act case at the Supreme Court saw Shyam Divan continue his arguments regarding the potential of this vast, unregulated collection of data, under the Aadhaar programme, resulting in a surveillance state. He supported his arguments by citing the verdicts passed by the European Court on Human Rights that had struck similar programmes which had collected and stored extensive user data. He then went on to argue for a limited government as stated in the Preamble to the Constitution of India.
  • On 31st Jan 2018 the Supreme Court heard the 3rd day of arguments in the Rohingya Deportation case, which centered on the non-refoulment principle which prohibits the State from returning refugees to the country in which they were being persecuted. This principle was debated by the counsel for the petitioner, counsels for 2 of the intervenors and the Assistant Solicitor General of the Union of India.
  • The arguments put forth on Day 6 of the Aadhaar Act case expanded on the arguments from Day 5 – regarding the potential misuse of Aadhaar data by the State. Specifically the centralization of data and the “coercion” implicit by linking Aadhaar to essential services like food rations, school enrollment were highlighted. Post-lunch Shyam Divan continued his arguments, poking holes in the State’s claims for instituting the programme.