Knowledge Dissemination through Journal Publications: Panel Discussion on Copyright Issues in Academic Publications

September 30, 2011 | Jayna Kothari

The Total Quality Management System of Christ University organized a ‘National Conference on Knowledge Dissemination through Journal Publications’ on 28th September 2011 for professors, academicians, researchers and publishers on the practices followed in journal writing.


CLPR Fellow Varsha Iyengar contributed to the panel on ‘Copyright Issues in Academic Publications’ with a presentation titled ‘Copyright and Plagiarism Issues in Journal Publications’. The presentation engaged with aspiring writers and editors on the nuances of academic ethics and plagiarism rules followed in the world of academic publishing.


Varsha highlighted the differences between copyright and plagiarism. She emphasised the ethical and legal differences between the two concepts and discussed some of the recent issues of plagiarism in books and journals. She stressed on the importance of Universities and Journals forming clear and unambiguous rules regarding plagiarism in order to give the writers a clear understanding of the code of conduct they expect all authors to follow.


The Panel included Danish Sheik (Alternative Law Forum) and Pranesh Prakash (Centre for Internet and Society). Danish spoke about  the various kinds of licenses evolved by the Creative Commons and Copyleft movement. Pranesh presented a case for journals to adopt an Open Source and Open Access policy.


Jayna Kothari

Executive Director

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