Justiciability of the Right to Education – A Conference in Collaboration with the Legal Resources Centre

June 2, 2015

CLPR in collaboration with The Legal Resource Centre, South Africa hosted a two day conference at CLPR’s office in Bengaluru, India, on the Justiciability of the Right to Education in the Post 2015- Development Agenda.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Education, Dr. Kishore Singh, opened the conference with a keynote address where he emphasized that the Right to Education was an inherent part of the right to life and must be made justiciable by all countries without further delay. This address set the tone for the conference, and was followed by presentations delivered by experienced litigators, activists and academics from Brazil, the UK, South Africa and India.  Participants shared their experiences and strategies employed in litigating the right to education in their respective jurisdictions as well as the complexities involved in designing suitable remedies and monitoring implementation of court orders.

The conference clearly showed that India is not alone in its struggle to enforce the Right to Education, and there is much that countries can learn from one another in using litigation as an effective tool to further the implementation of socio-economic rights.

Presentations from the conference are available here.

Prof. Sandra Fredman- ‘Right to Education’- Oxford Human Rights Hub

Prof. Salomao Ximenes- ‘Education Litigation in Brazil’- Centre for Applied Legal Research, Brazil

Jason Brickhill- ‘Remedies & Enforcement in South Africa’- Legal Resources Centre, South Africa

Aparna Ravi & Varsha Iyengar- ‘Education Litigation in India’- CLPR, India

Jayna Kothari- ‘RTE Litigation – Enforcement and Remedies’- CLPR, India

Niranjan Aradhya, ‘Implementation of RTE’ -Centre for Child and the Law, India

Avni Rastogi- ‘Monitoring Implementation Court Orders’-Transparent Cities Network, India