ConQuest Quiz 2023: Contestants gear up for finale as Karnataka govt joins as key partner

November 24, 2023 | Anish Saha

In October 2023, the ConQuest team at the Centre for Law and Policy Research, Bengaluru, embarked on a journey, crisscrossing the nation to conduct regional rounds in Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, and Bengaluru. Witnessing intense battles, over a thousand students engaged in these rounds as participants and audience, immersing themselves in discussions about the Indian Constitution and related themes. ConQuest 2023: India’s premier national quiz on the Indian constitution, politics, and history is now all set for its grand finale.


On 25 November, Bengaluru will host the culmination of the regional rounds as the top two teams from each of the four regions vie to become ConQuest champions. Among the participating institutions are the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, National Law University, Odisha, Goa University, National Law University, Gujarat, National Law University, Delhi, Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. Ramaiah Law College, Bengaluru, is ConQuest 2023’s national finals university partner, where the ultimate champions will be crowned.



Adding a significant dimension to the event, the Government of Karnataka has joined hands with ConQuest as its key partner through the state social welfare department’s Ambedkar Research Institute in Bengaluru. This partnership acknowledges ConQuest’s decade-long effort to foster constitutional engagement among India’s youth. As a prelude to the national finals, a special edition of ConQuest will be conducted for 300 school students from the Karnataka Educational Institutions Society (KREIS) administered by the social welfare department of the Government of Karnataka.


The focus of this special edition will revolve around the pivotal role of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in the making of the Indian Constitution and his constitutional philosophy. Through this collaboration with the Karnataka government’s social welfare department, ConQuest extends its reach to more students, providing them with the opportunity to deepen their engagement with the Indian Constitution. As the countdown to the national finals begins, ConQuest remains at the forefront, fostering a profound connection between the youth of India and the pillars of our constitutional heritage.


Primary Support for ConQuest is provided by the Ambedkar Research Institute, Bengaluru, and the Department of Social Welfare, Karnataka. Other partners include the South Asia Regional Office of the Freidrich Naumann Foundation.


This article first appeared in ThePrint on 24 November 2023.

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