Last Week at CLPR: 11th Feb – 17th Feb 2018

Last Week at CLPR:




  • Assembly Member of the Week: 17th February 1968 is the birthday of Dr.Kailash Nath Katju, a well-known lawyer who was part of the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Constituent Assembly. He was the defense lawyer in the Indian National Army trials that were conducted by the British from November 1945 to May 1946. A number of officers were charged of crimes ranging from treason to torture to murder.
  • Contemporary Relevance of CAD: The current session of the Parliament (29th January – 6th April 2018) is referred to as the Budget session. On 1st February 2018 the Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley presented the budget. We trace the adoption of Draft Article 92, which detailed out the where, who and what of the budget, by the Constituent Assembly. In this 1st of 3 posts we summarise the debates that took place on who should present the budget and where it should be presented.
  • The discussions on the Preamble started with the proposal of the Objectives Resolution by Jawaharlal Nehru on 13th December 1946. The principles contained in this document laid down the framework of the Constitution Making process. The Resolutions were debated by the Constituent Assembly when they were introduced and again on 21st Jan 1947, before they were adopted on 17th Oct 1949.




  • Kapil Sibal concluded his arguments on Day 10 of the Aadhaar Act case on 13th Feb 2018.  His arguments focused on the dangers of centralizing the storage of data collected for Aadhaar, specifically to the State being able to create metadata on an individual and and use it for profiling and to the potential for wide-spread damage if this centralised data was to be hacked. He further elaborated that this consolidation of data failed the test for proportionality and violated articles Article 14 (Right to Equality) and Article 21 (Right to Life and Liberty).

Call for senior accountant

The Organisation:

Centre for Law and Policy Research (“CLPR”) is a not-for-profit trust based in Bengaluru. We are a team of young researchers and lawyers who are engaged with research into law, development of policy, advancing public interest in the constitution and the Supreme Court and in strategic impact litigation. Please visit our website to learn more about us and the work we do.


The Role:

We are looking for an individual with strong organizational skills who can put in place efficient accounting policy and processes. Our requirement is for a professional who is experienced with managing budgets, reconciling expenses with income, and familiar with filing forms per government regulations (like tax returns, FCRA stmts, etc). The Project accountant will be the primary contact in the company for billing, tax, and other queries related to accounting procedures. The work we do requires detailed record keeping and the preparation of fiscal reports on a regular basis. We maintain records in both electronic and paper forms and teams meet regularly with the accountant to track expenses and plan purchases. Besides regularly reviewing standard financial documents like balance sheets and income statements we conduct regular audits, both internal audits and with our partners. The Project accountant will also need to supervise junior accounts staff and provide direction and support so tasks can be accomplished in a satisfactory manner.


Qualifications, skills, and experience:

Proven work experience as an accountant or auditor.
Thorough knowledge of accounting and finance principles and procedures
Familiar with tax rules and regulations and computing taxes (including GST and FCRA).
Experience guiding accounting staff by coordinating activities and answering questions.
Excellent accounting software user and proficient with managing online transactions
Strong attention to documentation and record keeping
Experience preparing for and conducting financial audits and financial reports
Advanced degree in Accounting desirable


If interested in the position please email your CV and cover letter to  with the role that you are applying for in the subject line of the email. For more information about the role or the organisation reach out to