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January 2013
5 P.M.

Venue:Centre for Law and Policy Research

CLPR Occassional Talks #4: Rajeev Kadambi on the Gandhian Praxis of Freedom

CLPR organised an event on January 11, 2013 to discuss the ongoing work of Rajeev Kadambi on the Gandhian Praxis of Freedom.

The working paper explores the relationship of Gandhi with the concept of freedom. In the course of this analysis, the paper touches on the distinction between understanding freedom as the autonomy from state control , and freedom as a journey towards the realization of the self. The working paper seeks to comprehensively analyse and discuss Gandhian liberty against the predominant western narrative of negative and positive liberty.

Rajeev Kadambi is a Doctoral Student in Political Theory at Brown University. His main research interests are in modern and contemporary Indian political thought.

The presentation of the salient points of the working paper, was followed by a discussion attended by members of various policy and research centres based out of Bangalore