Last Week at CLPR: 4th – 10th March 2018

March 12, 2018

Last Week at CLPR


  • To commemorate International Women’s Day, we hosted a talk by Prof. Maya Unnithan on the issue of reproductive rights and fertility rights of women.



  • On Day 8 of the Hadiya Marriage case, the Supreme Court set aside the Kerala High Court judgment which had annulled Hadiya’s marriage with Mr Shafin Jahan. The Court however noted that the investigation into the criminal antecedents of Mr. Shafin Jahan would continue. The Court has reserved the detailed judgement to a later date



  • Assembly Member of the Week: Prof. K. T. Shah was a prominent economist, advocate, and socialist. He passed away 55 years ago, in March, 1953. He was an active member of the Assembly and made several interventions on key issues. Shah argued for “secular, federal and socialist” to be inserted in Article 1 of the Constitution.
  • Contemporary Relevance of CAD: The Framers of India’s Constitution Rejected a Right to Bear Arms explores the debates and interventions on the right to bear arms. H.V. Kamath proposed to include this right and argued that the demand for a right to bear arms was a significant strand of the freedom movement as articulated in documents like the Karachi Resolution of the Indian National Congress 1931. This proposal generated discussion and saw Maulana Hasrat Mohani and Shiban Lal Saxena support it while Ambedkar and Ananthasayam Ayyangar opposed it.