Foster Care in India : Policy Brief

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CLPR undertook a policy review of the legal framework of foster care in India. Given that no such study has been undertaken in India as yet, this Policy Brief is being published to share the findings of CLPR’s review and to stimulate debate and further research on this topic.

Currently, this is the first and only such document focusing on the legal framework of foster care in India. The brief is available here.

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  1. I want to express my thankfulness for this wonderful information.
    I am a social worker and was feeling very strong to contribute for the foster care alternative against the institutionalised approach.
    I was wondering if our current law permits non-state Organization (not for profit) to work as an agency to facilitate foster care awareness and services. And if it’s possible what are the scopes and limitations. And which is the place from where I could further informations and guidance.


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