Call for Technology Partner 2017

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April 6, 2017
Constitution & Governance






The Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) is a non-profit organization based in Bangalore established to promote law and public policy research, public interest litigation and interventions in legal education. We have embarked on an initiative titled – Constitutional and Civic Citizenship – where we aim to foster greater public awareness of India’s constitutional tradition and an understanding of how this shapes and informs the most challenging legal, governance and public policy issues that we encounter today.  Under Constitutional and Civic Citizenship Project we have designed and developed two websites:


CADIndia is the flagship digital initiative of the Constitutional and Civic Citizenship Project which began in July 2015. The initiative leverages web design and technology to makes Indian constitutional history materials more accessible to the public. We have curated, coded and tagged the Constituent Assembly Debates using a unique coding and tagging algorithm. This human-tagged database has been integrated into a website powered by a unique intelligent search engine to allow both expert and lay users to search and explore India’s constitutional origins. Through this, the website illuminates contemporary legal and political debates by allowing users easy and sharp insights into these historical constitutional debates. We have also incorporated into the database 10 historical constitutions

Supreme Court Observer

This website is a non-partisan journalistic effort to make the work of the Supreme Court intelligible to any person interested in Indian public affairs. The aim of the website is to communicate the relevance and importance of the Supreme Court’s work in a constitutional democracy without embellishment or outrage and focus public attention on the issues of great public significance. Emphasis will be given to accessibility and simplicity in presentation in order to ensure maximum public engagement.

In Phase III of the Constitutional and Civic Citizenship Project we are looking for Technology Partner to augment design and functionality of the CADIndia and Supreme Court Observer websites. The period engagement would be till November 2017.

Interested firms can write to the undersigned for more details on deliverables and clarifications.

Vineeth Krishna

Centre for Law and Policy Research

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