CALL FOR VENDOR 2020: Auditorium for Organising Transform Conference

October 5, 2020 | Ritambhara Singh

Centre for Law and Policy Research (‘CLPR’) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making the Constitution work for everyone through law and policy research, social and governance interventions and strategic impact litigation. We have been working to support and advance rights for queer and trans persons in the country.


The Transgender Rights movement is active in the form of grassroots advocacy, legal research and focused litigation. CLPR has been leading litigation efforts in the Supreme Court and High Courts, providing legal support at the ground-level and creating awareness in the academic and public spheres.




Transform, one of the flagship events of CLPR is the first International conference in India that focuses on bringing together activists, academics, lawyers, and members of the transgender community to discuss trans rights issues.


CLPR is planning to organise the 4th International Conference on Transgender Rights & the Law on December 5th & 6th, 2020. It will be a hybrid event combining both physical and digital components.


To organize this conference physically, CLPR requires an auditorium that can accommodate at least a hundred people (100 people) and also have technical arrangements for audio-video visuals requirements.




  1. Auditorium to accommodate 100 people
  2. Technical requirements for conducting panel discussions – availability of AV equipment, Lighting systems, sound systems, presentation screens, the platform for speakers, assistance for digital presentations etc
  3. Facilities related to digital communication and live-streaming
  4. Space for Catering
  5. Space for COVID-19 Test Centre


The engagement will be for two days of the conference, i.e. 5th and 6th December 2020. It will not extend beyond 6th December 2020.


Interested firms can write to the undersigned for more details on deliverables and clarifications.


Ritambhara Singh


Centre for Law and Policy Research



Ritambhara Singh


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