Call for Animation Services

October 8, 2020 | Madhavi Gopalakrishnan

The Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making the Constitution work for everyone through law and policy research, social and governance interventions and strategic impact litigation.


As a part of our work under the Constitutional and Civic Citizenship Project, we seek to create a vibrant Constitutional Culture in India. Under this project, we aim to popularize public engagement with the Indian Constitution and its historical origins.


We are looking to engage an animator to produce two short (approximately one-minute-long) animated videos on Indian constitutional history. The animator must work closely with CLPR to produce an engaging visual history of important debates on the selected themes.


The duration of engagement will not extend beyond 31 December 2020.


Interested individuals/firms can write to the undersigned for more details on deliverables and clarifications.


Madhavi Gopalakrishnan


Centre for Law and Policy Research


Madhavi Gopalakrishnan


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